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Pros and Cons of Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens make a fantastic feature for any house. In warm climates , they are able to be used throughout the year however in colder climates they might need to be kept for summer seasons.

They can come in a variety of shapes. For instance my Aunt is in Malaysia owns an outdoor kitchen that is used throughout the year. It’s a simple setup comprised of a tin roofing as well as a gas powered stove and open sides, which allows the breeze to blast smoke outwards.

Western versions typically comprise of gas-powered barbecues with covered canopy.

As per The Telegraph, outdoor kitchens are now the latest “in” thing. But, before you reach to your bank account, ensure that you have read the pros and cons of this article to be sure that the outdoor kitchen is perfect for you.


They allow food to cook in fresh air, which is more relaxing than working in a hot , cramped indoor kitchen.

Certain foods can be cooked without a lot of concern for smoke, which could cause problems in the indoor. For instance, good steaks require hot cooking hobs. However, the smoke produced by these hobs will often trigger smoke alarms for indoor use.

Foods that are cooked with strong flavors can create an odour that is lingering in kitchens. Outdoor kitchens are not affected by this issue and need less work to clean.

Cooking outdoors can add another dimension to the home-cooked meals and is ideal to impress family and friends.

If it is part of a tennis court and pool area, they can give a glamour to a home and increase the value of its sale.


In colder regions outdoor kitchens might make sense for a large portion of the time of the year. Also, in hot climates cooking outdoors without air conditioning can become uncomfortable.

When you’ve got an existing indoor kitchen installed, adding a second kitchen might be an unnecessary cost.

If you own lots of expensive kitchenware it outside could attract thieves, and taking it out and in of your home during the course of use could be a major trouble. Therefore, if your outdoor kitchen is located away from your house Consider how often you’d take the effort to use it.

The functionality of the kitchen can be dependent on the weather conditions. For instance when it is windy it’s unlikely even a fully covered outdoor kitchen will be able to function.

They may cause you to be unpopular with your neighbors. When you reside in a dense location, the smoke from cooking outdoors could cause a disturbance to neighbors because it can get into their laundry piles or cause them to shut their windows.

A kitchen for your outdoor space is an excellent idea. However, make sure you’ll be able to appreciate it before making a decision. They could help you take in more fresh air while having fun with guests But make sure you’re an attentive neighbor and put them in a place that aren’t causing any inconvenience to other people.

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Kitchens

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Kitchens

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