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Outdoor Fireplaces: Is One Right For My Backyard?

Outdoor rooms are becoming all the rage. For a few seasons now, manufacturers have come out with new and exciting products for use outdoors. These sofas and tables and other accessories are built to last in the elements and look great doing so year after year. This also rings true with outdoor fireplaces.

Outdoor fireplaces are not all that different from their indoor cousins. They both throw out heat, they both have flames and they both use a chimney to get rid of the harmful smoke that arises. The only difference between the two is where you choose to house them. Outdoor fireplaces are built to withstand the weather and are usually made of natural stones and rocks. They can come with or without a water feature, with or without custom metal doors and can be used for cooking, or, if you prefer, just to sit in front of and enjoy.

Because there are so many different styles of fireplace to choose from and because they can be made with many varied stones or rocks, the best place to start when looking for one is on the internet. Many sites boast beautiful photos of real outdoor fireplaces in real backyards so you can get a sense of their size and splendor.

As with anything, researching before you buy is a great idea. Looking at pictures of the fireplaces before you go out and look at them gives you a heads up on what to expect. You can get an idea of what you want for where you want it to go and you may completely change your mind on the size and style you like best once you see all the choices in front of you. Once you have an idea in mind, then go to your local dealer to see what they offer in terms of construction and available materials.

Outdoor fireplaces can be placed most anywhere in your outdoor space. They need to be about ten feet away from any other structure for safety purposes, but apart from that you can have them wherever you please. Because of their sheer weight and size, moving them can be quite tricky so planning wisely beforehand is a good idea.

Enjoying your outdoor fireplace is easy. You can roast marshmallows in front of a roaring fire long after the neighbors have gone inside, and you can use your backyard for longer into the colder seasons when you have a heat source nearby to utilize. Outdoor fireplaces are a sound investment and will look amazing in any backyard space, big or small. Check some out today!

Outdoor Fireplaces: Is One Right For My Backyard?

Outdoor Fireplaces: Is One Right For My Backyard?

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Last Updated on July 11, 2022