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Home Improvement Features and Design Trends You Should Avoid

If you’re looking for the most value for your money when investing in home improvement, here are 20 design trends and features to steer free of.

1) Inconsistent Architecture

A house with distinct architectural styles could look uninteresting to prospective buyers. If you’re looking to build a ranch house with columns along the front porch , it could be just as unsettling as a log cabin styled home with decorative art deco features. Each architecture style comes with its distinct aesthetic, so be sure to concentrate on these aspects. Avoid it, or you’ll end up looking like you were taking a bite of Pickles on Ice Cream!

2) Oversized kitchens

Be wary of the rising popularity of famous chefs who are to blame for this. Kitchens that are equipped with every gadget you could imagine and lots of space may be a challenge for potential buyers who don’t engage in the most serious of entertainment. When you’re not planning lavish gatherings with a team or cooks might be time to divide your kitchen into smaller sections that have a cozy breakfast space and a place to eat with your family.

3) Faux “Old World” Design

When decorating or highlighting the significance of the importance of a European style left (for example, the right region of Tuscany is an exclusive popular style) It’s possible to capture the sophisticated style of Tuscany but keep in mind that, unless you’re purchasing the elements (and maybe even from a vineyard) there will always be an oddity in the style in Europe within a distinct part around the world.

4.) Appliances with white colors

If the appliances you own come in white or are considering to upgrade them, now is the time to do so. The color white was not always a color that was widely used to emphasize the appearance of cleanliness in your house (everything is white! ) But, this is exactly the reason for the issue. Homebuyers will be amazed at the work involved in washing every surface and they will notice the stain that isn’t going to be able to come out. Furthermore, plastics age and eventually change into uniform yellow. Select black appliances stainless steel stainless steel or the most current model that is “black stainless.”

5) Wallpaper

Wallpaper is often a major feature for decorating your home. But, that’s not always the situation. Wallpapers can turn off potential buyers, particularly for wallpaper that is traditional. Furthermore removal of wallpaper can be an arduous process that could turn off potential buyers particularly, since the removal of wallpaper can cause damage to walls and cause more hassles. In addition, wallpaper can be the reason for undetected mold growth. Choose paint instead.

6.) Carpeted Bathrooms

There was a time when entering the master bedroom on the cold, frozen floor was carpeting the bathroom was a great idea, but the time has passed. Bathmats are the best choice. Bathrooms with flooring and water on the same location could cause the growth or damage of mold. Modern homes typically feature heated flooring. This is a huge attraction for potential buyers. It’s also an excellent alternative to the unsanitary bathroom carpeting nightmare.

7.) Gaudy Gold Fixtures and Hardware

Metallic finishes can give an interior with the appearance of elegance and warmth however, if you’ve got metallic fixtures or other equipment consider removing them. Gold is a stunning and unassuming look that can attract buyers from the modern wealthy but most buyers consider it to be just not as trendy as it was back in the 1980s. Instead, you should consider replacing your fixtures with warm metals, such as polished brass or polished nickel.

8) Countertops with Tiles

Countertops in the kitchen or bathroom are an important element in the eyes prospective buyers. In the event that your counters are made of tile and you are thinking about eliminating the tiles. In the past, tile was thought to be trendy however the complexity of keeping countertops that are made of tile might be a little confusing. Check out the following scenario What do you plan to do in the event that your tile fails and requires replacement? Are you prepared to scrub the grout using an everyday sponge to avoid the growth of bacterial and mold? This makes the unwelcome chore of cleaning your kitchen more difficult.

9) Cheap Wood Paneling

Gorgeous wood paneled houses. If you’ve got beautiful wood wainscoting running across your home, don’t disrupt it. If the walls in your house are constructed of inexpensive wood, and is meant to be used for the game of bingo in your basement take it down promptly. The paneling made of wood that is less expensive can make your house seem “cheap” to those looking. It might also suggest that they were used in order to cover more serious issues, such as the lack of insulation , or walls that aren’t fully finished.

10) Taxidermy

The heads of animals displayed on the property aren’t appealing to everyone. It’s ideal to remove any head that is a part of the moose prior to selling. But, it could make sense to sale in some regions of the US where hunting is a very popular sport. Similar to other similar items , such as skulls of bulls, carefully placed on a decorative piece of furniture or in the landscape are only attracted by certain types of bars for houses. Remember that the aim is to open up the space where potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.

11.) Linoleum Flooring

It’s not the most pleasant experience to walk on slippery linoleum with no shoes. The flooring is comprised of the material linoleum. In the past it was a well-liked choice, especially with regards to designs that resembled that of tile flooring or wood. Nowadays, linoleum is synonymous with low-cost homes as well as an unintentional perception of decor. Instead, opt for flooring materials like hardwood that are not only comfortable sturdy and long-lasting, they are appealing.

12) Popcorn Ceilings

If your home is adorned with ceilings that are popcorn (also called”stucco ceiling “textured” or “stucco” ceiling) immediately indicates to prospective customers that this ceiling is not been modernized. The popularity of popcorn ceilings was apparent during the 1950s and into the 1980s, when they were a cheap solution to conceal flaws and plain walls. For the modern eye, they look more like a boring Motel 6 as opposed to a home that is welcoming.

Removal of popcorn ceilings for wallpaper removal is a laborious job. Be sure to get it completed prior to the opening of your house. Also, be sure you look for asbestos. It could mean the key to a successful or failed closing if found by a buyer or inspector.

13) Glass Mosaic Backsplash

One of the most popular trends in the 2000s was glass mosaics which add black splash in your kitchen or bathroom. Although it was a hit in the past due to the limited availability, nowadays it’s everywhere. You can consider replacing it for marble tiles and plain subway tiles for concealing your house’s most recent consult with an interior stylist.

14) Bold Paint

The first thing they see when entering a house immediately is the hue of the home starting with the exterior, then the rooms. The first impression of color creates the mood for the rest of the elements in the house, such as furniture, decor comma and the structure.

If a striking hue is utilized on the exterior, for instance a light-pinkcolor, buyers who prefer to blend in could be put off. If a room is dark, like dark red, or flashy, like an chromatic yellow. The areas of the house could be obscured or unnecessarily since they’re competing for attention. Neutralizing the color scheme of your home is the most efficient choice (see “Neutral Colors” below) since buyers can pick their own colors based on their personal preferences, and not be influenced by other choices.

15) Converted Spaces

It’s the norm to create spaces that are suited to our personal preferences, habits, or tastes. This is great if you’re living in your home however, you might need to reconsider the purpose of any space you’ve made when the time comes to sell. The garage you’ve converted for other uses other than storage or parking a car may be an excellent idea.

depending on your needs depending on your requirements, but for buyers they may require garages in the same way in the way it was designed to be. If you’ve converted your garage into an area to run your own business, gym or music studio, ensure that you restore your garage back to its garage-only state to draw the maximum number of potential buyers for your home.

This is especially the case in cities that have little parking. A bedroom that’s been transformed into a tiny office or storage space could create an impression that is negative. This is because it puts the purpose behind the room to the mind of prospective buyers. That’s not the goal when you are selling your home.

16) Carpeting

Many buyers choose hardwood floors when purchasing the house regardless of whether or not you’ve needed to take the effort of installing new carpet. It’s possible that pet dander, dirt and germs of former residents are still on the floor. Also, the color choice may not be in line with the style or preferences of the homeowner that could cause an additional item on their to-do list after they have decided to redecorate the home.

Wood flooring is a beautiful material with natural colors and the ability to be custom-made. If the owner of the property is looking to carpet the only thing they have to do is place it on top of the flooring.

17) Too Much Landscape

There’s been a growing trend over the past few years to create”outdoor living rooms” or “outdoor living room” to seamlessly link nature with the inside of the house. Cut bushes that have intricate designs and moss-covered pathways that look like carpets with lavish landscapes and ponds all appeal visually but there’s one caution. A house that requires constant maintenance could make prospective buyers nervous, particularly if the the future financial outlook is uncertain.

The book also covers the latest advancements in agriculture in urban zones. Although you may enjoy the freshness of eggs or honey,, as along with the occasional cheese, some individuals might be influenced by the ongoing maintenance that animals need as well as the consequences for the cleanliness of your home It is recommended to not leave any evidence that your home was a part of a farm.

18.) hot Tubs as well as Pools

It was a time when swimming pools were thought to be an attractive option for potential homeowners, however today, many owners are conscious of just how much of an expense and eyesore it may be. This is especially true of above-ground pools. They generally require a large amount of space, present dangers to the safety of children and guests as well as causing a mess on the lawns when they are removed.

It is the same with hot tubs, too. Hot tubs are known as a breeding ground for bacteria. They are also difficult to clean and elimination of the deck or backyard could cause additional expenses later (e.g. the construction of a portion of your deck where once a hot tub).

19) Whirlpool Bathtubs

Whirlpool bathtubs may have were thought of as a thing that was lavish and an important selling point, but styles have changed in recent times. Many who own or have used the bathtubs have been in awe of the luxurious experience but they have realized the volume of water they use (between 80-100 Gallons) and the area that is used that could be used to house other bathroom facilities such as a larger shower or counter that has two vanity units.

20) Minimalist Design

The idea of making your house appear as the urban loft style is a popular trend in interior design, however it’s not the best option to sell your house. The minimalist style creates a home that appears unnatural, and does not draw attention to the characteristics of the home that is appealing to prospective buyers. Instead , make sure to establish an eye-catching focal point, without creating an unattractive look. The end result is that minimalist design reveals to prospective buyers that the house isn’t an area for furnishings and d├ęcor and may not be in keeping with the expectations of buyers.

These suggestions for home improvements are designed to aid you decide on different styles and features that will give you the highest chance of selling your home for the most cash!


Home Improvement Features and Design Trends You Should Avoid

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