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Home Improvement Features and Design Trends You Should Avoid

If you’re looking to get the best value for your money by investing in home improvements Here are 20 trends in design and features to stay clear of.



1) Inconsistent Architecture

A home that is many different architectural styles may be unattractive to potential buyers. If you are looking to build a ranch style home with columns along the front porch could be equally jarring as the log-cabin styled home that has decorative art deco elements. Every architectural style has its own unique beauty So, make sure you focus on these elements. Don’t do it, and you could be as if you’re eating Pickles on Ice Cream!

2) Oversized kitchens

Beware of the rise of celebrity chefs to blame for this. Kitchens that have every gadget you can imagine and a lot of space could make it difficult for prospective homebuyers who do not take part in serious entertainment. If you’re not hosting extravagant gatherings that involve a crew of cooks, it could be time to break up the kitchen into sections that include a comfy breakfast area and an area for family dining.

3) Faux “Old World” Design

In decorating or highlighting the importance of a European fashion left (for instance, the right area of Tuscany is a distinct and well-known style) It is possible to convey the elegant look of the region however, keep in mind that, unless you’re sourcing the components (and even a vineyard) it will always be something off about the look of Europe in a different region in the globe.

4.) Appliances with white color

If the appliances you have are all white and you’re looking to replace them, it’s time. White was once a hue that was popular to highlight the cleanliness of your home (everything appears white! ) However, this is precisely what is causing the problem. Homebuyers will be awed by the effort of washing every surface clean and will see the lingering stain that won’t come out. Additionally, plastics get older, and eventually turn into uniform yellow. Choose black appliances stainless steel, stainless steel, or the most recent version of “black stainless.”

5) Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a statement when it comes to decorating a house. However, this isn’t always the case. It can turn off potential buyers, especially in the case of wallpaper that is and old-fashioned. Additionally, the removal of wallpaper is a time-consuming process that may discourage potential buyers in particular, as the removal of old wallpaper could cause damage to the walls, and lead to more headaches. Furthermore, wallpaper could be the cause of unnoticed mold development. Choose paint instead.

6) Carpeted Bathrooms

There was the time that stepping into the master bedroom onto the cold, icy floor of an idea to carpet the bathroom an excellent idea, but that moment has come to an end. Bathmats are what you need. A bathroom with carpets and water in the same spot can lead to damage or growth of mold. Modern homes often have heated flooring. This can be a major attraction to prospective buyers. It is also a great alternative to the hygienic nightmare of bathrooms with carpets.

7) Gaudy Gold Fixtures and Hardware

Metallic finishes can provide your home with the look of sophistication and warmth, but when you have gold-colored fixtures and other hardware, think about removing these. Gold has a dazzling and garish look that might attract buyers from the new rich however, the majority of home purchasers find it to be as old as it was in the ’80s. Instead, consider replacing the fixtures with more warm metals like polished brass or the brushed nickel.

8) Tiled Countertops

The countertops in your kitchen and bathroom are a major factor in the eyes of a prospective homebuyer. If your countertops are tiled, you should think about getting rid of them. At times the trend was considered to be modern but the intricacies associated with maintaining countertops made of tile could be a bit jarring. Take a look at the following scenario: What are you going to do if your tile breaks and needs replacement? Are you ready to scrub the grout with a sponge regularly to stop mold and bacterial development? It makes the already unwelcome task of cleaning the kitchen even more challenging.

9) Cheap Wood Paneling

Beautiful wood-paneled homes. If you have beautiful wooden wainscoting that runs throughout your house do not disturb it. If interior walls within your home are made of cheap wood, which is intended to be used in a basement bingo game, get it removed immediately. The wood paneling that is of lower quality immediately will make your home appear “cheap” to those looking. It could also suggest it was used to hide bigger issues such as the lack of insulation or walls that are not finished.

10) Taxidermy

Animal heads displayed on the property won’t appeal to all buyers It is best to take off the head of a moose before selling. However, it might be an advantage to the sale in certain areas of the US in which hunting is a popular pastime. In the same way other similar items such as bull’s skulls carefully placed on an ornamental mantlepiece or in a landscape, are only attracted to certain kinds of bars for homes. Keep in mind that the goal is to create an open space so that prospective buyers can imagine living there.

11) Linoleum Flooring

It’s not a pleasant experience to walk across slippery linoleum without shoes. In simple terms the flooring made of linoleum. In the past, it was a very popular choice, particularly when it came to patterns that resembled the look of wood or tile flooring. Today, linoleum has become associated with cheap homes and an unintentional sense of decoration. Instead, choose flooring materials such as hardwood which aren’t just comfy and durable, but also attractive.

12) Popcorn Ceilings

If a home has popcorn ceilings (also called”stucco ceiling “textured” or “stucco” ceiling) immediately signals to potential buyers that the ceiling has not being modernized. The popularity of popcorn ceilings was evident in the 1950s through the 1980s when they were a low-cost popular option to hide flaws and plain wall. For modern eyes it appears more like a dull Motel 6 instead of a welcoming home.

Removal of popcorn ceilings as wallpaper removal is a tedious task. Make sure to have it done prior to the opening of your home. Also, make sure to search for asbestos. It could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful closing if discovered by a buyer or an inspector.

13) Glass Mosaic Backsplash

A popular and popular trends of the 2000s was glass mosaics back black splash to your bathroom or kitchen. While it was great in the past due to its limited availability, today it’s practically everywhere. You could consider substituting it with marble tile as well as plain subway tiles to conceal your home’s most recent consultation with an interior stylist.

14) Bold Paint

The first thing buyers notice upon entering a house at first glance is color of the house – first, the exterior, and then the rooms. The initial impression of colors sets the tone for the house’s other elements, like furniture, decor comma, and the architecture.

If a bold hue is used on the exterior, such as a light-pink, prospective buyers who like to blend in might be turned off. If a space is dark, for example, dark red or flashy, such as an chromatic yellow, the aspects of the house may be hidden or unnecessarily because they are competing for attention. Neutralizing you home’s color scheme is your most effective choice (see “Neutral Colors” below) since buyers can choose their own colors according to their own preferences, but not be affected by choices.

15) Converted Spaces

It’s a trend to design our spaces to suit our lifestyles, personalities or preferences. This is fine if you’re in the house, but you may want to rethink the use of every space you’ve transformed when it’s time to sell. The garage you have converted to different purposes other than storage and parking a vehicle might be a good idea.

according to your requirements, but for buyers, they might want an area for garages as it was intended to be. If you’ve transformed your garage to a space for your own business, workout room or music practice area make sure you bring your garage back to the garage-only condition to attract the greatest amount of potential home buyers.

This is particularly true in cities with limited parking. A bedroom that has been converted into a tiny storage space or office can cause a negative impression. It is because it imposes the intention behind the space in the mind of potential buyers and that’s not the purpose when selling your house.

16) Carpeting

Many home buyers prefer hardwood floors when buying the property, regardless of whether you’ve recently had to go through the time to install new carpet. It is possible to believe that the pet dander, germs and dirt of former residents remain in the carpet. Additionally, the colour choice might not match with their tastes or design ideas, which could lead to another thing on their to-do list once it is time to decorate the house.

Flooring made of wood is a pleasant material with natural colors and the capability to be customized. If the buyer of the house wants carpet, all they need to do is put it over the wooden floor.

17) Too Much Landscape

There’s been a trend over recent years of introducing an “outdoor living room” to seamlessly connect nature to the house. Cut bushes with intricate shapes and moss-covered walkways that look like carpets extravagant landscapes, and ponds are all appealing visually however there’s a caveat. A home that needs constant maintenance might make potential buyers hesitant, especially if future financial situation is uncertain.

It also covers the latest development of farming in urban areas. While you might relish fresh eggs and honey as well as the occasional chevre, some people may be swayed due to the constant maintenance animals require , and the implications for your home’s hygiene, so it’s ideal to avoid leaving any signs that your house was part of the farm.

18) Hot Tubs and Pools

There was some time when having a pool was thought to be a attractive feature for prospective homeowners, but nowadays, many homeowners are aware of how much of an maintenance headache and eyesore it could be. This is particularly true for above-ground pools, which generally consume a lot of space, pose dangers to safety and liability for guests and children, and create a sloppy lawn when removed.

This is also true for hot tubs as well. Hot tubs are infamous as breeding grounds for bacteria. They can also be difficult to clean and the removal of the backyard or deck could result in additional costs later on (e.g. the reconstruction of a section of your deck that was the hot tub was once).

19) Whirlpool Bathtubs

Whirlpool bathtubs might have once been thought of as an object that was luxurious and a key selling point, but the tastes have evolved in recent times. People who own or used them have been enthralled by the luxurious experience however, they realized the amount of water they consume (between 80 to 100 gallons) and the amount of space that is used up which could be utilized to accommodate other bathroom amenities such as a bigger shower or a counter with two vanities.

20) Minimalist Design

Making your home appear like an urban loft is an ongoing fashion in the world of interior design, but it might not be the ideal choice to sell your home. The minimalist style of design makes homes appear like they’re not natural, and doesn’t emphasize the inherent character of the home , which is attractive to potential buyers. Instead , you should try to create a focal point without giving an unattractive appearance. In the end, a minimalist style reveals to potential buyers that the home isn’t a place for furniture and decor and could not be in line with buyer’s expectations.

These home improvement suggestions are designed to help you to help you choose new styles and features that offer you the best possibilities of selling your house for the most money!


Home Improvement Features and Design Trends You Should Avoid