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Home and Patio Shows Are A Great Way To Get Home Improvement Ideas

Let me share my recent experiences with home shows so you can decide if it is worth your time. This is a great place for home improvement ideas. Even though home shows are not always free, a small investment of $10 per person can make a huge difference if you’re actively searching for home improvement ideas.

Over 200 vendors had exhibited everything, from African violets to lighting fixtures, at my local Home and Patio Show. It’s amazing, there is so many things to see and absorb. Take some paper and pencil, or a camera, to document all the great ideas you have.

Many vendors displayed outdoor patio designs, such as lighting, lighting, paving materials and outdoor kitchens. Landscape architects were available to help you create a landscaping plan for your home. Hot tubs could be installed on an outdoor deck by a variety of vendors.

Many vendors offer support services for homeowners, such as insurance, pest control, security systems, and insect control. Other vendors display equipment and tools that can be helpful to homeowners, such as the Big Ladder. This product has been demonstrated many times. It still amazes me how easy it can convert from one size to the next, support uneven surfaces and can be used for scaffolding.

Many vendors displayed replacement windows and siding and offered painting solutions. You can purchase regular exterior paint as well as liquid siding. Liquid siding is guaranteed to last for longer than paint. This is where you can find out more about outbuildings like sheds and saunas.

A heavy-duty liner was created by an entrepreneur to be used as an insert in your SUV. This allows you to carry logs and rocks without damaging your vehicle’s interior. Once you have empty your load, rinse the liner off with a hose and let it dry before storing it. Although I was impressed, I don’t own an SUV.

Interior floor, kitchen counter and kitchen cabinet options were another important area. This is a great way find the most recent materials and treatments. Ask questions about anything you see in magazines.

It took me several hours to complete the show and I learned so much. Make sure to get a list or map of all the vendors before you go. Start walking and mark which vendors are important to you.

It is important to take the time to ask questions. This is not a sales pitch, but a chance to gather some information and decide if you would like to speak again with someone from the company. If they didn’t want to answer any of your questions, it would have been a boring 2 or 3-day time.

You’ll need a bag to carry all your goodies. My canvas bag was full, along with a floor lamp and yardstick. I got the yardstick for free, so I bought the lamp.

We hope you will find the perfect solution at a home-show. We can help you with any home improvement or makeover. Whether you are just moving in or looking to sell your home, our focus is on making things safe and economical.

Home and Patio Shows Are A Great Way To Get Home Improvement Ideas

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