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Bathroom Remodeling Increases Home Values

There are a number of things you can do to improve your bathroom and raise the value of your home if, for example, you’re planning on putting it on the market. One thing you can add to a small bathroom to make it seem larger is a small corner vanity. These vanities are available in lots of great styles, and actually do a lot to maximize the space you have. They are very functional and offer everything that rectangular vanities offer.

The main attraction with a corner vanity is the compactness of its design. By exchanging your larger, existing vanity for a corner one, you will leave a lot more open floor space, and your room won’t seem quite as confined. These small vanities are ideal for half baths and tiny apartment bathrooms.

There are vanities available in many different styles and made of many different materials. You’ll find sleek, contemporary vanities as well as the standard wooden ones. Then there are the small corner cabinets that tuck into a little, unused corner. Before shopping for a vanity you need to choose the theme for your bathroom and then select your vanity to fit it.

Do you Want a Pedestal Sink or a Vanity Cabinet?

There are two types of corner bathroom vanities: cabinet base or pedestal. It’s totally up to you as to which you prefer. The vanities have cupboards in them which may be welcome storage for your small space. Pedestal sinks come in many lovely styles and most of them can be adapted for use in a corner; however, they don’t have the storage space a vanity has.

Measure the Size of the Space

You need to do a lot of measurement beforehand to make sure you choose a vanity that will fit into the space you have available. Not only do you need to measure the space, but you also need to check out where the plumbing is located. Take the measurements to the store where you plan on purchasing your vanity. Most of the sales personnel in home improvement stores will be able to help you choose the right size and style of vanity to fit your measurements.

Never be in too big of a hurry choosing items for your bathroom décor. You could end up with too many hassles if you hurry. You’ll find that corner bathroom vanities can be very stylish and with good planning will help you create a little extra elbow room in your small bathroom. Improving your bathroom will definitely raise the value of your home.

Bathroom Remodeling Increases Home Values

Bathroom Remodeling Increases Home Values

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Last Updated on July 12, 2022